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"When a homeowner puts his house
up for sale, he wants a quick sale
for the best price.  Most sellers,
however, do not take the time to
prepare their homes for sale.
Consequently, a house may be on
the market for a long time and may
sell for less."

-From The New York Times
"If you're selling your home, invest
in bigger improvements.  The
National Association of Realtors
found in 2007 that 59% of home
buyers remodeled or made
improvements to their homes
within 3 months of purchase.  47%
made improvements to the kitchen,
another 45% remodeled or
improved a bathroom and 43%
remodeled a bedroom.

In other words, these are the key
rooms when you're preparing to
sell.  Focus on fixing up those
"make or break" rooms."

-From The Costco Connection
"What can Americans do to get the
best price for their homes?  One
way is to increase the value of their
home.  A fresh coat of paint or a
revarnished floor will go a long way
toward impressing prospective
buyers without having to take out a
home improvement loan.

Homeowners may want to consult
with their real estate agent or other
experts when they put their home
on the market.  A small investment
can offer a large economic return.
A $4,000-$5,000 investment in new
carpet may make a $10,000
difference in the sales price.  If a
home's appearance rubs brokers the
wrong way, it may not get shown,
and once a house lingers on the
market for too long, it becomes
stigmatized, decreasing the chances
of it selling at the asking price."

-From Forbes Magazine

"As a realtor I need a company that
can assist my clients with the
necessary updating and repairs to
sell their house, resulting in less
time on the market.  I had a client
who used Michael's services to
update before selling and it sold in
20 days!  I highly recommend
Listing Impressions.  Michael
Bernard's professionalism,
knowledge and quality of work is

Jill Hovis
RE/MAX Associates of Arlington

"I have been working with Mike and his team for over 2 years!  Mike has always done an excellent job for me personally and for my clients that I refer to him.  He goes above and beyond with his service.  He also performs his services with honor, integrity and professionalism-that is very rare in his industry!  Keep up the great work."

Sean Varin                                                                                       Owner of Texas Mortgage Team   

"Having bought and restored a number of houses, I would never consider putting a home on the market without Michael and his team of professionals preparing it for maximum return.  His combination of professionalism and integrity are unmatched.  He truly is driven by client satisfaction."

Phillip Folkertsma                                                                             Real Estate Investor